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Продаю Мою Прелесть
на моцыке рисунок

Sadly I am selling my lovely girlfriend. For sceptics wondering why such great Lady in Red is being sold, the answer is simple: men\'s nature is greediness for the new girlfriend!

So if you are looking for a special girlfriend to have fun with (wife fully approved! for this kind...), you should not pass by this attractive offer. For this price you cannot consider this as a sale but giving away!

I am selling her with new shoes Michelin Power which she loves to wear. They are produced from a specially pre-selected high quality rubber and have a nice round shape, which provides great right-sizing contact patch with the road.

For full control, this Lady wears an amazing Combined Breaking System (CBS), included also ABS for more control. Breaking was never so easy and safe, giving control over traction in slippery or low-friction conditions. These braking forces are awesome, giving you full control over adjustment of your speed, allowing you to move quicker than others. Precisely engineered two front braking disks with 296 mm diameter and one rear dimensioned as much as 256 mm, equipped with 3 piston calipers each!

Comparing to the vulgar naked girls, this Lady wear such a sexual red skirt, whose marvelous lines are still in fashion these days. Her brilliant eyes will illuminate your way during the night. She also has left and right turning lights, two adjustable mirrors and air temperature sensor!

For lonely riders, the Lady offers cowl in matching red colors. For those crazy riders who prefer to feel the pressure of tight tits on their backs, the cowl can be easily removed. The seat configuration will make sure that the girl sitting behind will have close contact with your masculine back (be careful not to marry during the ride!).

Steering was never made easier. Whether you are a novice or advanced rider - this Lady will satisfy you. She was born to be steered in corners, this is her passion. The comfortable handle bars can be adjusted to your preference, if you prefer more sporty style. Adjustable 43mm front forks and the single-sided monoshock rear suspension give superbly damped handling, it disguises the heavy mass well once on the move.

This Lady is a classy one, she was well looked after, always have good or new parts. Timely oil and filter changes and regular visits to the Doctor for routine check up keeping her in splendid condition with strong health. Fitted central stand turns routine chain service activities into pleasure! Recent replacement of the thermostat and thermosensor will make sure the heart of this beauty will remain cold and she will not struggle in bad conditions.
The just fitted fresh battery cell will reliably start the engine even in freezing Cyprus winter season!

The performance is amazing. When you walk her around town, she is well controllable due to her amazing VTEC heart works in optimized mode for reduced revolutions. She is able to bypass traffic, as her tight shape allows to flow through the 4-wheelled crowd, making those cagers be envy. The fantastic and unique sound of a roaring original exhaust system will serve as consolation to those poor persons locked in their cars.

But as soon as you hit the motorway, her behavior changes. Activated VTEC system will turn this calm-in-town girl into a Fury Of The Road. Her sexual power of 110 horses transforms her into aggressive beast and only your instinct of self-preservation will limit your speed. The recently replaced throttle cable will force you to twist your wrist more and more... Personally in those seldom moments i reached 200 (in my dreams only, Traffic Law rules) i caught myself with wide open eyes and breathless... But i am the slowest and scariest driver on this island, and that was just using half the power she has...
Ah, yes, climate control... It is directly linked with your throttle...

Space limitation does not allow to open all features of her in this advert. Call for details. Frankly, it\'s a fabulous bike.

And, if you buy now, the original tool set, Owner\'s manual and original spare tail light will go for free!!! Serious offers only please. I am not joking around! The Altimate Experience for only 3,299 euro (still negotiable when serious offers incoming!)
p.s. Dogs are not included in this sale!